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Peça do Mês

Marcos Portugal's Lithography
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13 March 2012

In a month which celebrates the 250 years of Marcos Portugal's birthday (1762-1830) the Museum of Music remembers the great composer showing his most famous portrait. 


Marcos Portugal

Carnival in two documents
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06 February 2012

In the month of the Carnival, we have chosen as pieces of the month a panflet and a journal from the Museum's collection which documents this celebration at ''Sociedade Lisboeta'' in 1928 and 1960. 


MM-EA-Porm Revista Ilustracao 01

.:: Órgão Portativo
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05 January 2012

Still maintaining a strong Christmas spirit, we have chosen as piece of the month for January 2012 a portable organ in which it stands out an angel holding a wind instrument. Built by the forger Leopoldo Franciolini by the end of the 19th century, this instrument belonged to Alfredo Keil.


Orgao Portativo MM 392

.:: Segunda Cantata do Natal, de Fernando Lopes-Graça
Sobre cantos tradicionais portugueses da Natividade PDF Print E-mail
07 December 2011

Related to the Christmas season and being music a constant element on Christmas celebrations, we have chosen as piece of the month a record by Fernando Lopes-Graça with a set of illustrative themes from the tradicional Portuguese music.


Segunda Cantata do Natal FLG


.:: Tuba
Anunciando Santa Cecília PDF Print E-mail
14 November 2011

In the month of celebration of Saint Cecilia's day (22nd November), patron saint of musicians, we make a reference to Irmandade Lisboeta with the same name, since its foundation in 1603 and existence until 1834. The Irmandade regulated the music activity in Lisbon, concentrating in its ranks, along the 19th century, many musicians from brass and military bands, particularly performers of wind instruments such as the tuba.



Tuba MM 249

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